Marketing at a Higher Standard

The amount of expertise and exposure gained from working for global companies in Oman and abroad, made Frequency founder, Suhail Batooq a truly fortunate beneficiary of invaluable business qualities that have shaped his approach. With more than a decade of hands-on experience in strategic marketing and corporate communications, Suhail has managed to develop world-class technical expertise in strategizing, planning and implementing numerous successful local and regional projects, programs and campaigns for organizations such as Shell, GlassPoint Solar and HSBC.

Our Two Competitive Advantages

Refining best business practices honed at international levels empowers what is inspired strategic development and execution. We combine this with industry-best marketing tools and techniques that when skillfully conceived and deployed offer transformative benefits for every business. Our competitiveness stems from the fact that we are filling a growing gap in the market for highly specialist marketing consultants that do enjoy a solid base of knowledge and experience of local market dynamics backed by in-depth global expertise in an integrated spectrum of interrelated marketing disciplines.

Think Globally but Serve Locally

Every engagement is an opportunity to become a trusted partner in a client’s success, by helping them with marketing advisory, communications strategies and initiatives crafted to achieve long-term growth. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, Frequency offers customized strategies to meet specific needs and objectives that help solve real problems and challenges, achieve real measurable results and designed to produce long-term value for our clients which is witnessed by increased growth.

Smart Solutions That Inspire

Our highly-adaptive solutions are built to perform and feature innovatively robust components with end-to-end strategic planning and execution that help businesses succeed in meeting and exceeding their business goals in a strategic, creative, and cost-effective ways. It’s beyond the balance sheet where our commitment to corporate social responsibility lies, as we partner with Omani companies that value innovation, entrepreneurship, and knowledge sharing.