Our Process

We follow a very simple yet effective process that helps guide and manage the service level experience that we offer to our clients. Here’s how we work. Click each icon to know more.

Initial Contact

Every engagement begins with a phone call or email to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. If we’re a mutual fit, what follows is Frequency’s transparent and efficient six-step approach.


Our objective is to learn about your business, and what you envision, to fully understand your challenges, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and strategic options.


Diving deeply into key data and facts about your company, a game plan begins taking shape. We’ll define how to best address your marketing needs and support solving them.


Outlining our findings, we’ll present recommendations. These focus upon a strategic marketing roadmap of the best available marketing solutions to meet your goals and objectives.


With agreement of the strategies and tactics that constitute the Roadmap, our focus turns to the development of the finished plan that we’ll submit for your approval.


We’ll confidently guide strategic execution of what we’ve planned together, navigating risks as we optimize results, harvesting the potential which inspired the Roadmap.


Our goal is your success and constant improvement. To deliver it, we measure, evaluate and fine-tune, to not only meet our initial objectives, but to sustain growth and results. 

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