Strategic Marketing Planning

Doing it right is the product of multiple tools used to conduct in-depth micro and macro analysis, to determine market situation understanding, competitive readiness and more. Defining short-term and long-term marketing objectives and goals, our plans feature strategic marketing models utilizing the 3Cs (company, customers and competitors), and the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

Positioning Strategy and Planning

We define the optimal target audience, building upon brand identity, perceptions and strategic positioning considerations aligned with business maturity. Market analysis identifies needs, wants and opportunities, all tailored to market segments and media – conventional, digital and social.

Integrated Marketing Communications Planning

We’ll recommend communication channels and tools to efficiently and cost-effectively reach the desired target segment. An assessment of existing marketing practices guides the development of enhanced marketing communications strategic plans, and the best approach to achieve a seamless integration in between.

Corporate Communications Planning

By identifying target audience and understanding their predisposition to client products, services and brand, outreach strategies are maximized and are internally and externally congruent. We’ll devise a plan to deliver appropriate messages to different segments through multiple platforms.

Strategic Social Marketing Planning

Using a multi-channel approach, corporate identity, products, services and brands are reinforced and enhanced with dynamic social media campaigns and initiatives. In addition to content development, available services include daily posting and monitoring.

Crisis and Reputation Management

We craft robust, proactive response plans to mitigate a crisis with decisive communications when it matters most. Statement formulation, stakeholder communication and media engagement protocol all help clients swiftly address problems and turn crisis into opportunity harvested by smart tactics.

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